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Emma - founder of GiddyGeese

I am Emma and in the photo with me is my husband Mike. I am mum to two wonderful children, Harry and Olivia. Through them I have learnt just how important play is during the early years with regards to learning and development. I found it really difficult to find good quality, well designed and inspiring toys that were also eco-friendly and so I decided, with Mike's wonderful support, to set up my own online toy store where all of these beautiful toys are in one place. We all live such busy lives now, with full time jobs and busy routines. Plastic, battery operated, supermarket toys aren't doing the environment or our children's minds any good! 

GiddyGeese has an "only for good" ethos which means that the toys that we source meet one really important criteria above all others... The brands and designers behind the toys must be using their brand to achieve good things. For example, we have brands who really believe in making a difference to equality through Fair-trade and others who are trying to help the environment by using sustainable materials.

We really research into our brands to ensure that their toys meet all the required safety standards and are of good quality so that you can be assured that the toys you are buying your children are both safe and long lasting.

Our toys have the ability to create hours of inspiring play and to trigger imagination and inspired learning. We hope you love them as much as we do.

If you have any feedback or are interested in partnering with GiddyGeese then please get in touch!

Emma x

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