What on earth is rubber wood?

What on earth is rubber wood?

At GiddyGeese we have an "only for good" ethos. This means that the toys we sell are designed and manufactured by brands that we believe are using their image to achieve good things.

One of these "only for good" factors is being eco-friendly.

But what makes a toy eco-friendly?

We believe both material and design are important factors to consider. To us, the best example of an eco-friendly toy would be one that is made from sustainable and natural materials, is designed to be durable and long lasting but at the end of it's life is either naturally biodegradable or able to be recycled.

Our go to material for toys is wood. Did you know that a wooden toy has a carbon footprint which is 2.5 times lower than a plastic toy? 

A really popular choice for planet conscious brands these days is rubber wood.

What is rubber wood?

Rubberwood comes from the Pará rubber tree which is native to South America but is also now grown in Africa and Asia. It is classed as a hard wood so is durable and strong.

Pará rubber trees are tapped for latex and at the end of their latex producing life they are harvested for rubber wood. This type of wood is seen as environmentally friendly as it is not harvested from "fast wood forests" (which are damaging to the environment and contribute significantly to global warming) but instead as a by-product from the latex farming industry, from trees that would otherwise have been burnt. These trees are always replanted due to the need for latex which is why it is classed as sustainable.

Why is it a go-to choice for eco-friendly toy manufacture?

Rubber wood is the go to choice for eco-conscious brands who want to produce strong and long lasting toys due to it's:

1. Sustainability and environmental factors

2. Flexibility and strength  

3. Resistance to bacteria, fungus and mold.

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