Local mum of two launches new online eco-friendly toy store

Local mum of two launches new online eco-friendly toy store

We were recently featured in the Bath & Wiltshire Parent. Here's what they said about us:

Local mum of two, Emma Gosling, has launched a new online toy store – GiddyGeese – supplying eco-friendly, non-toxic and sustainable toys to families across the country and beyond!

“As a mum of two, I really appreciate that play is one of the most important factors during children’s early years, and through GiddyGeese I have set out to make inspiring and engaging toys affordable and easily accessible for busy families,” explained Emma.

Emma and her children – her older son enjoys helping to pack the GiddyGeese toys!

“With me and my husband working full time, we found that buying toys from the supermarkets was the most convenient and accessible option. What concerned us was that these toys are often plastic with batteries and expensive to buy. We have all learnt over the last few years how important it is that our generation starts to look after our planet, which gave me the idea to source only eco-friendly, non-toxic and sustainable toys to give to my children. This idea then inspired me to create GiddyGeese, so that the toys I am sourcing are accessible and affordable to other families living busy lives as well.”

All of the toys at GiddyGeese are eco-friendly and non-toxic

Emma explains that GiddyGeese sells toys from trusted brands that are sourced using her ‘Only For Good’ ethos – which means that the brands she sources from are using their names to do something good for the planet, be it helping the environment by using sustainable and non toxic materials, and/or helping local economies and societies by practicing Fairtrade, whilst complying with Forest Stewardship Council – a global non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting sustainable, ethical forestry.

An example of this, she said, is that for every tree that’s cut down to make the majority of the wooden toys, a new one is planted in its place or allowed to naturally regenerate.

“Providing toys that are eco-friendly is only half the battle in helping an environment that is slowly getting warmer and more delicate,” she added. “I use packaging that is also sustainable and and therefore greener for the environment. For example, by using shredded paper for cushioning, recyclable boxes and zero-plastic wrapping, my packaging is helping to look after the environment too. Wouldn’t it be amazing if I could achieve my long term goal of sending all my deliveries by electric vehicles?”

Christmas orders are available now

While GiddyGeese is still in its early days, it is already enjoying rapid growth, with ever-increasing Facebook followers and more and more families joining the GiddyGeese e-mail subscription list. “This wonderful early level of support means that I am already packaging toys for Christmas!” said Emma.

“With support from my husband, and my gorgeous son enjoying putting the shredded paper into the boxes, GiddyGeese already has a real family-to-family touch, which includes putting my customers’ needs at the forefront of everything I do.”


Source: The Bath & Wiltshire Parent

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Local mum of two launches new online eco-friendly toy store - The Bath and Wiltshire Parent



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