10 Things You Need To Know If You're Expecting.

10 Things You Need To Know If You're Expecting.

10 Things You Need To Know If You're Expecting.

1. One day you will sleep again!

Birthing a child is hard! Labour can be traumatic for both you and your birth partner and you don't really get time to process what just happened to you before you're sent home with your new born who for all intents and purposes is a stranger speaking (shouting/screaming) a different language. You're exhausted mentally and physically but hang on in there. Those first days are overwhelming and intense. And scary. But it gets easier, you will recover and you will sleep again one day. And when those days come you will miss the new born stage immensely. 

2. You wont need most of the things you bought.

Incredibly cute outfits that coordinate with yours, books that claim they can decode your baby's cry, toys that look good on show in the nursery and will never get played with, gadgets that claim to make every aspect of parenting quicker and easier... As long as your baby is safe, clothed, fed and has you nothing else matters. You will probably be bought heaps of gorgeous clothes and toys by family and friends. Ask a fellow parent what things they do/don't recommend and don't fall for the adverts or follow the trends. Also remember, every baby is different, what works for one baby might not for another. Buy some things as you need them and once you know your baby a bit better.


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3. Don't compare your baby to others.

Don't ever compare your baby to another. They are all different and develop at their own pace. Don't stress if your baby isn't rolling like Helen's did at six months. Your baby will do things when he or she is ready. As long as you are providing the love and support your baby needs then you are doing your job. Enjoy each stage as your baby goes through it, soon you will be looking back wondering where all that time went.

4. Not every day is happy or easy.

Parenting is super hard! Babies don't come with a manual, you've got to figure things out as you go. There will be days where you feel like you're failing and days where you are so tired you feel like you just need a break. Utilise your support network, say yes to help when it is offered (there's nothing to be ashamed of saying yes to someone cooking you a meal, doing your food shop or popping some washing on whilst they visit). Your family and friends wouldn't ask to help if they didn't want to. If they are parents themselves then they know what you're going through, accept the help, ride the day out and know that tomorrow will likely be a better day.

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5. You can say no to visitors.

This one is a game changer! You don't have to let people come and visit. It's quite overwhelming, especially in the early days, when a million people (with good intentions of course) want to visit, hear your birth story and cuddle your beautiful baby. If it feels like too much then say no! If you offend anyone then they can't have your best interests at heart. They can visit tomorrow or next week. You and your baby aren't going anywhere but your mental health is important! Put yourself first.

6. You're the only one caring about the house being a dump.

Leading on from number 5 - no one visiting you cares if your house is a mess! Or what you look like! They are visiting to see how you are and meet your gorgeous baby. So don't worry yourself over it. The house work can wait. When your baby has grown and left home you will have ample time to clean! Let the house be messy and spend those precious hours bonding with your baby and making memories.

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7. You won't always get it right.

You will hear "mother's know best" and about "mother's instinct" countless times when you're pregnant. It's only half true- don't put that pressure on yourself! If your gut tells you something, trust yourself and go with your instinct but also accept that there will be days where you will get it wrong. You won't have the answers all of the time. There will be days when you feel awful because your baby keeps crying no matter what you try. You and your baby are both learning. You are learning about your baby and changing into this beautiful parent and your baby is learning about him/herself and about the world. Have patience and keep trying. You will find the solution in the end.

8. The new born stage doesn't last long. 

Soak in every moment, take a million photos. The new born stage doesn't last long. In fact, that's true for every developmental stage and age. Don't be counting down to the next milestone but instead be enjoying the current one. Try and find a moment in every day to sit with your baby and just cuddle, it won't be long until they're pushing you away to go and play with their friends.

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9. Mum/Dad friends really are the best.

If you can join an antenatal group or go to a baby class then definitely give it a go. Having other people who are going through a similar experience to you at the same time can be really comforting and it's super helpful having a couple of friends who you can text a question to at 2am and receive an answer back because they're awake with their baby too.

10. Being a parent is the best experience you will ever have.

Being a parent is incredible. If you're expecting... be prepared for a thrilling, bumpy but rewarding ride.


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